Temperatures Down, Generator Sales Up

Maureen Wurtz

OMAHA (KPTM)- With those dropping temperatures, people are looking for a back up plan to stay warm.

With recent snowfall and power outages, local retailers are seeing a spike in generator sales.

"Without electricity, most of the American life comes to a grinding halt," said Richryd Sorsveen, with Northern Tool + Equipment.

Sorsveen said he's seen sales go up on their generators, especially after the power outage a couple of weeks ago. "We've got homeowners preparing, but with the added threat of their neighbor being out of power, we see it significantly more."

Some people, like David Schrum, have been toughing it out in the cold for a couple of months. "(We've) had no heat since we've been here."

Schrum's been having problems with his radiators. These cold nights have him warming up to the idea of purchasing a generator. "I've been considering it."

Sorsveen said more and more people are considering it, especially as the winter weather persists.

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