Terry Unveils New Ad Attacking Ewing on Budget

OMAHA (KPTM)- With less than a month until election day, candidates are digging to find some last minute blowsagainst their opponent.

Congressman Lee Terryreleased a new ad Monday claiming that his opponent went over budget while inthe treasurer's office. But John Ewingsaid Terry isn't looking at the right numbers.

"Every year that John Ewing has been in office, he hasexceeded what the county board approved as his budget," Congressman Terrysaid.

According to him, that's around $700,000 during the 6 yearshe's served as Douglas County Treasurer. But Ewing said those numbers are wrong.

"The information that Mr. Terry released in his press conferencetoday was either intentionally designed to mislead the public or he justdoesn't understand budgets."

Lee Terry's new ad shows numbers from only part of thebudget.

Ewing says those numbers aren't the final figures.

"He doesn'tunderstand how the county budget process works or the fact that the countyboard negotiates salaries and then addsthat number back to our budget. That is not a supplement , that is not usoverspending. That is their process."

Those records show he came under budget by around $150,000. With election dayquickly approaching-both candidates hope voters will take a closer look at thenumbers.

Terry is stillhitting Ewing for asking to increase the office's budget.

Ewing'sspokespeople pointed out that the office has won a national award for makingthe office more efficient.