Terry Vs. Ewing In First Debate

Leah Uko

OMAHA (KPTM) - Monday, voters in the 2nd Congressional Districtdidn't have to watch any ads on television because they got a chance to heardirectly from Congressional candidate Lee Terry and John Ewing themselves in their first of two debates. All of this follows last week'scontroversy over accused, false political ads.

The OmahaWorld-Herald and University of Nebraska at Omaha Television sponsored thedebate.

Sitting to the right of the table, Republican U.S.Representative Lee Terry. He chatted with a University of Nebraska at Omahastudent and remained calm.

Sitting to the left of the table was Democratic challenger,Douglas County Treasurer John Ewing. Ewing too remained calm, while he fixedhis microphone.

Then it was lights, camera--debate.

"Lee Terry has not been a fiscal conservative," Ewing said."I am the only one in this race whose cut government spending."

Ewing accused Terry of only highlighting, during the debate,the legislation he passed in the House, but left out 30 legislations Ewing saidare not budget friendly.

Ewing then moved on to talk about his success record duringhis time as a police lieutenant. He said while working in the Special VictimsUnit, he helped the Judiciary Committee pass laws that made it easier toprosecute child molesters and spousal abusers.

"I was able to get more legislation passed in 17 monthsthan the current congressman in 14 years," Ewing said.

Terry shot back.

"You're a treasurer. You collect taxes from people. You don't passlegislation."

Terry highlighted his support for the Keystone Pipeline and Natural Gaslaws that went to President Barack Obama's desk. Terry also talked about hispush to help veterans get back to work.

The candidates were asked which specific areas they would cut from thefederal budget.

Ewing answered, "Smart cuts in defense. And quit being the policemen ofthe world."

Terry admitted he supports military spending, but would cut other areasfirst.

"The welfare programs. There was an increase of 85 percent over the lastthree years. And this is wrapped up in the Farm Bill."

With the election now three weeks away, hopefully Monday night's debatewill help bring voters one step closer to making up their minds on who to votefor.

The second and final debate will be Thursday from noon to 1 p.m. at theOmaha Press Club.