The Second Time This Week: A Semi Slams Into A West Omaha Bridge

OMAHA (kptm) - A pedestrian bridge over a busy west Omaha street is now back open Wednesday night and it just might have a new record.For the second time this week it was hit by a truck and for the second time this week the bridge survived.Earlier today people had to take a slight detour for hours.The truck driver said he was coming off of the interstate when the trailer of his truck smacked into the bridge and got stuck.The driver said his truck is about two feet taller than the clearance, but he said he didn't see the sign until it was too late."There's a low clearance sign there, but I didn't see it, you know, with traffic," Roy Facklam said.What Roy Facklam see's now is the destruction to his trailer from that low clearance and if he thought the traffic was bad beforehis accident ended up blocking the street for hours."Messed up the traffic, you know, the longest time yet," Anthony Magistro said.This is the second time this week someone has slammed into the bridge and the new sign the city put up to prevent it from happening again wasn't good enough according to Facklam."They should have a sign back further, you know? And maybe a flashing light on it to make sure it gets your attention."Facklam said he's been driving for more than 20 years, luckily, without any accidents. Now his trailer is one of the unlucky to be taken out by the bridge."Of course with that much weight and you tear up a roof like that, I weakened the trailer so much."Facklam said he was on his way to deliver flour to a company just up the street. Then he was going to make his next delivery in Minnesota before heading home to Wisconsin.He was ticketed but he said all of the damages will be covered by insurance. He was not hurt in the accident.