Police Looking For Thief Who Stole From Old Market Antique Store

By: Melina Matthes

OMAHA (kptm) - Omaha police are asking for your help identifying the man they say stole from an Old Market antique store.

In this week's Caught On Camera, Fox 42 News and Crime Stoppers are working together to catch a thief.

Police say the man they are looking for was working with another guy. The two were taking items from The Imaginarium.

Officers arrested the accomplice, however their main target got away.

The owner said one of the thieves hid in a corner and stuck items inside his coat. What he didn't realize, he was being watched the entire time. He was caught on camera and when he was confronted, he panicked.

"He was actually standing right about here and this is where he kept shuffling and trying to get it so he could walk without being totally abnormal...outrageous," owner, James Kavan said.

While one thief was stealing things upstairs, this thief was trying to stick a bb gun down his pants downstairs.

Kavan said the crook was practically looking at the camera, almost as if he was posing for them.

The employee working at the time called police and locked the door to stop the two thieves from leaving, but this thief managed to get away. "When he questioned them, the one guy pushed him out of the way and was able to unlock the door cause the key was still in it and get out the door."

The second crook pushed past the employee trying to flee. He got out the front door but ran smack into the owner. "I took him down to the ground, just mostly on instinct. I didn't even know what was going on. I was about to walk in the door and somebody comes trying to knock me over. I mean I'm a relatively large guy, so he kept trying to struggle. I said, 'listen the cops are pulling up right now, stop, cause I'm bigger than you."

Police arrested the man Kavan tackled, but the other guy is still on the loose.

Kavan hopes the crook brags about getting away and he encourages his friends to turn him in. "It's about integrity. If you know someone that's done something wrong, stand up for it. It's always going to come back around, because someday it could be you. It could be your home that's broken into by somebody that was shoplifting at some point and now they're breaking into homes."

The man who police took into custody claimed he didn't know the thief. He said the only thing he knew about him, was that his name was Mike.

The store owner encourages anyone who knows who mike is, to turn him in.

If you have any information that could lead police to this crook, contact Crime Stoppers at 444-STOP. You will remain anonymous and you could be eligible for a cash reward.

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