Thief Steals Security Cameras That Catch Him in the Act.

Meghan McRoberts


Mighty Spray Car Wash near 120th and Maple welcomes plenty of business this time of year during all hours of the day.

But recently, the overnight hours have drawn in customers and thieves alike. One thief recently targeted security cameras.

Owner Gene Kloewer says the thefts happened twice in December, just three days apart, and only a week after he put the cameras up.

"We have a monitor and I couldn't bring those cameras up so I thought, 'What's that all about?' So we came out here and there was just wires," said Kloewer.

The cameras the thief stole also caught him red handed on two occasions. Recorded video shows his face only partially covered before he jumps and rips a camera off the wall the first time. The second time his face is completely exposed to the camera before he reaches for a camera behind a vending machine.

"I'm going that was silly, you cant look right at the camera if you're going to steal it," said Kloewer.

Kloewer is confident the same guy appears in both videos. He says he's also had to replace parts of his vending machine after someone tried breaking into the change box. He suspects it may be the same person doing that as well.

He credits the cameras for a good chance at catching this thief. "I was really surprised at how great the video was."

Kloewer says he wishes he had installed the cameras sooner, as they were cheaper than the damage caused to replace them, and cheaper than the damage from the vending machines before the cameras were installed.

He now has a dozen cameras and plans to add more.

"It if gets a thief off the streets, that's great for everyone in the neighborhood.