Thieves Target Businesses on Wheels.

Meghan McRoberts


Two back to back robberies have police watching out for a trend as the weather gets warmer.

Police say a Frosty Treats ice cream truck driver was robbed at gunpoint Thursday night near 41st and T streets.

A few hours later, and about a mile away, the Dos de Oro food truck was also hit by a robber.

Police say they do not believe the two are related.

Ice cream truck driver, Derek Dodenhof, said it was only his third day on the job. He says it was about 8 p.m. when it started getting dark, and he was heading back for the night.

He said a man called for him to stop, asking to buy ice cream. "He gave me a five dollar bill, so I pulled out my money to give him his change for $5. He was like, 'give me all the money', and I looked up and he had a gun pointed at me."

Dodenhof said the man ran off, and he called 911.

Dodenhof said he's shocked it happened, but doesn't plan on leaving the job because of it. He said he will make some changes.

"When I get large amounts of money, I'll set them aside and just keeping change on me. I think I'll think twice about stopping, especially when it's dark out."

Dodenhoff said he may ask to be put on a different route.