Thieves Target North Omaha Church

Curt Casper

OMAHA (KPTM) - Thieves recently stole from those who strive to serve. Church officials with the New Covenant Church of Christ in North Omaha say that's exactly what happened to them.

Thieves targeted their church van, stealing an expensive part, the catalytic converter.

"The enemy is out here to kill, steal and destroy," says church deacon Marquees Williams. "Can't complain, all I can do is just thank God - it could have been worse."

New Covenant has been serving the North Omaha community for three years. They use the van to transport church members.

"Just as far as delivery or pick up, we try to accommodate everybody," Deacon Williams says.

When he recently started the van up, he says something didn't sound right. "It could have been worse, I could have come out here and not have had a van at all," he says.

Thieves had gone underneath the van and cut out the converter. Now, he says it sounds like a monster truck, and it will cost more than $600 to replace.

"We aren't worried about it because what has happened which is bad God will turn into good," Deacon Williams says.

Omaha police say converter thefts are becoming more common. It's a part that is easy to steal. They say the best way to protect your car is to park in a garage, or where it is well lit.