Thousands Of Omaha Residents Enjoy Labor Day Parade Downtown

OMAHA (kptm) - Huge balloons, drill teams, and floats took over downtown Omaha this morning as the community celebrated Labor Day.

The area was packed with thousands of people enjoying Labor Day festivities. Parents said it's a chance to relax, the kids said it's a chance to get a lot of candy.

Omaha residents kicked off Labor Day with the sounds, the sights, and the excitement of having a day off from work. Richard O'Connor said, "people need days off and they work to hard."

It was a chance to be patriotic while spending time with family. The opportunity to take a few pictures with some well-known characters like Star Wars Jedi's, Disney princesses and with Halloween just around the corner who could forget about Frankenstein and a creepy clown. "What was your favorite part of the parade today?"

"The firefighters!"

"People that dressed up in the costumes."

But for the kids, the sugary sweets beat out the sweet sights. Mother Sarah Coulibaly said, "he got more than enough to share with everybody."

"My pocket's full," O'Connor said.

If you missed today's Labor Day parade, keep in mind the next big parade downtown Omaha will be River City Roundup.

If you would like to attend the Heritage parade during River City Roundup, it's set for Saturday, September 28th. Visit for more information.