Too Good To Be True? Or Completely False? Company Sells Questionable Advertising

By: Leah Uko

OMAHA (KPTM) - If someone from National Business Advertising Incorporated tells you FOX 42 News will air a commercial don't write a check. Call the station.

Local businesses said a man named David Brown from National Business Advertising Incorporated called offering ad spaces on a Creighton University Men's Basketball 2013-2014 calendar. The university said it was not aware of the calendars.

Terry Muth who owns Muths Motors said Brown quoted him for $300 a couple of weeks ago, but they never sealed any deal.

Friday morning, Muth said a woman who introduced herself as Denise Wright showed up in his office with about 15 Creighton advertising calendars already made and negotiated the price to $275.

"The unfortunate part of all this [is] it looks so legit," Muth continued and said he was suspicious about the deal's legitimacy. "Things sounded fishy, but at the time, you think, 'okay everything is legit. It's all right here in front of me'."

He said Wright told him to write the check out to her, not the company.

On the invoice it read that at no additional cost, National Business Advertising Incorporated arranged with FOX 42 to show a "color display ad" on half of the screen. It went on to state that this promotion would "be shown 21 times".

Immediately after the woman left to go cash the check, Muth said he got a phone call from a business owner warning him that the deal was a scam.

"He had called KPTM and they said there was nothing there."

Muth also called the station. No one confirmed any advertising with National Business Advertising Incorporated. He called Brown back to question the deal. Muth said Brown told him to call FOX 42's account executive Amanda Scheibeler.

"He said, 'ah she would be the only one that would know'."

But Scheibeler did not know about any of the 17 companies on the Creighton calendar nor did she know about the commercials.

"I've never heard of some of these names before," Scheibeler said. "And the fact that they have my name, was just really uneasy."

Scheibeler said for about a year Brown had been calling her to express interest in buying spots for commercials, but never made a real payment.

"Basically he said, 'okay a check will be coming in the mail in a couple of weeks' and I'm like, you know, thinking okay that's fine."

She said Brown would continuously leave voice messages, but when she'd return his calls he never answered. Now she has to call every one of the companies on the calendar to inform the owners of the lie National Business Advertising sold on behalf of her name.

"It was a big waste of time when I could have been working on other things."

Scheibeler said if any company contacts you offering advertising on behalf of FOX 42 News or KXVO to call and verify with the station before paying any fee.