Tornado Damages Dog Rescue

BEAVER CROSSING, Neb. (KPTM)- Storm debris is piling up everywhere around Omaha, and amazing stories of survival are starting to surface. One of those stories comes from an animal rescue in Beaver Crossing. The town was leveled by an EF-3 Tornado on Mother's Day. "The one sound that stays in my mind is the shattering glass," said Carla Chapman. "Time the third siren went off, it was too late. A third of the dogs were huddled in the dog room, there was nothing I could do." Chapman rescues Dachshund dogs and had 27 dogs in her house at the time of the tornado. "Hang one, we're going for a ride!" said Chapman. She started 'Huskers Hope for Dachshund Rescue' after she saw there was a need to rehabilitate disabled dogs. "My son was born disabled, so I know the therapies that he needed with his disability and the dogs are no different," said Chapman. All around Chapman's home and shelter, places were destroyed. Her neighbors homes had roofs torn off, her RV was flipped over, and a garage in her backyard disappeared. Her home and her dogs, however were untouched. "Something Impacted the deck and the side of the house-but the deck gave it something to bounce up and over," said Chapman. Chapman said her deck on the side of her house kept her roof on- and protected her dogs inside. "I was terrified because I couldn't get to everybody," said Chapman. The side of her house was hit by the 'missing' garage and her fence is damaged, but Chapman said it's a miracle all of the dogs were saved. "We were prepared, based on what we saw, for the tornado to just take us," said Chapman. Chapman said almost all the dogs are in foster homes while she fixes up the house. "The room where the dogs were, it didn't get a window broke, didn't get an impact- it was a miracle. It was truly a miracle," said Chapman. Chapman said the tornado did a couple thousand dollars' worth of damage to her home, and is in need of donations. If you'd like to help, click here.