Tracking Device Geared Towards Ending Police Pursuits

Paul Gutierrez

COUNCIL BLUFFS (KPTM) - Police chases are often dangerous and can easily get out of hand, but with the help of a new device authorities can now track down suspects without ever leading long and drawn out pursuits.

Appearing as cannons in front of state patrol cars, Iowa troopers are now equipped with a tracking device that allows them to keep tabs on getaway cars.

"After they think the officer has disengaged, they (the suspects) will back down to normal speeds to blend in with traffic, so they don't get noticed again," said Trooper Tim Sieleman with the Iowa State Patrol. "It's an awesome tool."

It's a tool, however, that doesn't come cheap.

"Usually there's a price shock to it because the system is $5,000 and each round is $500," said Sieleman.

Troopers believe the cost is worth it. They say life-threatening chases end before they begin and suspects are usually caught and locked up behind bars.

"You get behind a state patrol car and you're not getting away. You may get away for a little bit, but we will catch you."