Travel Expert Weighs in On Thieves Targeting Hotel Guests

Omaha(KPTM)-A new scam has one travel expert speaking out about thieves targeting hotel guests.A recent police report details how a crook conned a guest at an Omaha hotel into giving out credit card data by pretending to be an employee working at the hotel's front desk. According to the report, the thief called a woman's hotel room, claimed the computers were down and he needed to confirm her credit card information and because of the hassle he'd be giving her a discounted stay.

Michelle Holmes, General Manager of Travel & Transport says if someone calls wanting your bank information, ask to call them back. She recommends googling the number on your display and dialing the digits yourself. "Make sure you call back to the phone number of where you're staying, so that you're sure to call the front desk of the hotel, not to somebody's cell or home that they can answer it any way they please," said Holmes.

Another trick Holmes says people can fall prey to is giving out credit card information via email because a third party could be monitoring that data. "They can detect that there's sixteen digits or so in that email and they know the codes that can be possible," said Holmes who added that it's simply not worth the risk.

Holmes also encourages travelers to notify their banks when they'll be out of town. She that simple step can go a long way when it comes to protecting your data. She says the best thing you can do if you're concerned your information has already been compromised, is call the bank immediately. She adds that some agencies like Travel & Transport offer insurance and concierge services that can do the work for you, should you encounter travel troubles.