Troubled Night Club Closes, Family Friendly Business Takes Over

OMAHA (KPTM)- To cut down on crime, Omaha City Council members closed a nightclub in the old market.

Denim and Diamonds hosted its last party New Year's Eve. The venue is still there, but with a new owner. She wants to take the business in a new direction.

Denim and Diamonds was the only hip hop club in the Old Market. It also brought in large crowds and a lot of drama. The venue is now called Maria Sangria. It is a Spanish restaurant.

"You can have a salad. You can have bread. You can have a dessert you can have two glass of sangria."

The owner, Maria Scalise says it's new and better. "In Spain when you go to eat you bring your mother, your father, your grandpa, your niece, your daughter, your son, your husband, your ex-husband, ex- girlfriend, everybody! I want to bring this to downtown Omaha."

Everyday and two for one specials decorate the half Spanish and half American food menu. And it's free to get inside.

"The door is nice. It's the extra money that helps you out. But it's the bar sales and the food that sustain a place. It's always nice to have an owner that cares about her employees and wants the business to succeed," Travis Roan said.

The venue will have two DJ's. The one upstairs will play top 40 music. The one downstairs will play Latino music. Neither will play any music with curse words."

"People and kids are like a little sponge. When you hear you sponge it and that one thing I don't want it in my restaurant or in my lounge."

"I wouldn't want to bring my kids anywhere where they would have to listen to that kind of stuff," Sam Parrish said.

Other restaurants gladly welcome new competition.

"Anybody that's going to promote the old market area will be beneficial to us as well," Seth Lind said.

The restaurant's signature is sangria. The old Denim and Diamonds sign is still up because crews can't take it down until temperatures climb back into the 50's.