Two Concerts, One Culture War

Paul Gutierrez

OMAHA (KPTM) - Showtime at the Centurylink Center meant an appearance by Miley Cyrus Thursday night.

"She doesn't care what anyone thinks and she's just able to be herself," said Emily Hall, a Miley fan.

"She's actually being something she wants to be," said Michelle Boyum, a mother and fan from Des Moines.

Ask any die hard fan and they'll tell you her music is what moves them. Everything from the rhythm and beat to the bold videos circulating on YouTube.

"She's just crazy and outgoing and she's different."

Across town, however, a much different concert was put on at Beautiful Savior Church in La Vista. Parishioners there chose to see Francesca Battistelli, a Grammy nominated Christian music artist who burst onto the scene more than five years ago. Her appearance was dubbed the alternative to the one put on by the artist formerly known as Hannah Montana.

"She's setting herself up for failure," said Jenny Benson, a Battistelli fan. "She's a role model, but she's not being the greatest role model that girls need."

The two concerts Thursday represent what some people see as a cultural and spiritual battlefield. Something that's sure to continue even after Miley exits stage right.