Two Men Rob Bank of The West On 50th and Grover

UPDATE: Police are charging 16-year-old Austin White in the robbery along with Samantha Provencher and Howard Smith. Police said Smith was also involved in another bank robbery back in December.OMAHA (KPTM)- "Police got him right alongside my folks house. The cuffed him and took him away," said George Radden.

OMAHA (KPTM)- Omaha police officers arrested one bank robbery suspect at his house on 46th and A streets Wednesday.

The suspect was one of two men who police say robbed the Bank of the West on 50th and Grover around 9:30 Wednesday morning at gun point.

They ran out of the get away car in the neighborhood.

The other suspect was hiding near the garage of Don De Vault.

"I came out to shovel snow and I saw the footprints in my yard and I said what's going on? I was police here and the minute I saw the footprints in the snow I knew they were chasing someone. The guy was hiding in my garage. He dropped some money and his hat," said Don De Vault.

The two men were questioned by police. The driver of the get away car was also questioned. Police expect to charge at least one of them with armed robbery.