Two People Injured & Several Animals Dead After House Catches Fire

By: Melina MatthesMMatthes@kptm.comOMAHA (kptm) - A fire at a south Omaha home uncovered an illegal marijuana grow operation. In addition, two people were taken to the hospital with burns and several pets died. Neighbors say they've never seen so much smoke billow from a house fire. Neighbors ran to the home because those living there were still inside searching for their pets. Neighbors said they heard a loud explosion. They ran outside and saw smoke and flames towering above the blue house. One neighbor ran to the door and started kicking and pounding to see if anyone was still trapped inside. "It was just like a ginormous boom and then I ran and got him." "I kicked the doors in on the side of the house here because I wanted to make sure everybody was out and they were trying to get the cats out and they couldn't get the door open it was locked, so I just started kicking doors in," Mike Marvin said. Smoke consumed the house, quickly billowing into the street. Two men inside were surrounded by fire. Neighbors said one had burns to his arms. The other they said was trapped in the basement. "He's got serious burns to his face and his back, serious to his facehis face was almost white." Omaha fire said five animals were in the home at the time. Those living at the house were able to rescue two animals, but when they ran back inside to try to save the rest, the neighbor again came to the rescue. "Broke out a couple windows, they were looking for their cats, they couldn't find their cats and it just got too smoky and I told everybody get away from there, it was too smoky, couldn't even be around the house." Omaha firefighters said flames had already spread throughout the entire house by the time they arrived. They said they came across the cats but it was too late. The Nebraska Humane Society brought three black bags out of the home. An emotional scene Monday in south Omaha; firefighters said it was hard seeing those animals inside the burned home. Neighbors said they thought the water heater in the basement exploded. At this time, Omaha fire is still investigating the cause of the fire.