Two Women Say Police Are Not Working Their Shooting Case Well Enough

Bill Steckis

OMAHA (KPTM)- "I got hit running and I though it hit my spine because I fell and I couldn't feel my legs," said D'anna Jones who was shot in a North Omaha Driveway on August 24.

It was around the time Nikko Jenkins went on his killing spree.

"One of the bullets hit my arm and blood started squirting. I collapsed and I couldn't breath," said Shamecha Holloway who was also shot at the same time.

Both women required surgery and hospital stays. They say the Omaha Police Department ignores them.

"They don't return my phone calls and it's like we are not important because we lived and the other people are gone," said Holloway, referring the four people that Jenkins is accused of Killing this past summer.

They believe Jenkins shot them.

Don Kleine, Douglas County Attorney, said Omaha Police are working the case.

"They are certainly looking into everything with regard to that shooting incident that occurred. And we will base any decision we can make at some point on the evidence and certainly police are working the case," said Kleine.

Both women, and a third person who was at the scene of the crime, Jermaine Stewart, could not identify anyone including Jenkins. Kleine says that complicates the investigation.