UNL's Big Red Road Show at Century Link

By: Zach Revense

OMAHA (KPTM) - The Huskers put on the Big Red Road Show atthe Century Link Center today.

Over 75 kiosks featured aspects of education and social lifeat the University of Nebraska-Lincoln for high school getting ready forcollege.

"It's not just a normal college fair, where it's justinformation," said director of admissions, Amber Hunter.

"There are performances happening, you can probably hearthat behind me. All our booths haveinteractive activities so it's a great way for people to learn about theuniversity in a fun environment."

Hunter recommends that kids apply for school the Septemberbefore graduation, and that they maintain their grades long before senior year;among other things.

"During your junior year, make sure you take the ACT orSAT. Submit your materials and we'llhelp you along the way."

Many students said that UNL has the balance they are lookingfor in a university.

"A really, really fun social life and just a really goodeducation," high school freshman, Hannah Schotkoske said.

Students already at the university were there to share theirexperiences thus far.

"I really buckled down when I got to UNL once I got to knowa few teachers," said history major Robb Nelson.

"And my GPA just went up tremendously after that and Ireally settled down and came into my own."

Hunter says a Cornhusker education is the perfect steppingstone for bigger things.

"You know what? Ifyou come to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln you can go anywhere."

If you missed the fair today, call UNL admissions. They schedule tours around campus.