U.N.O. Students Move Into Reconstructed Dorm After Fire Does $2.3 Million in Damage

Omaha(KPTM)-In February, a fire forced U.N.O. students out of Scott Village's Building G. On Sunday, students were able to move into the reconstructed building. Officials say the cause of the 2-alarm fire was a discarded cigarette on a balcony of the building. The cost to fix the damage and make the dorm liveable -$2.3 million, a cost administrators say was covered by insurance.

Freshman Zach Taylor was not yet a student when he heard about the fire, but he did see smoke from his parents' nearby home. Now he's moving into the building that was ravaged by fire and he's happy to see a lot of sprinklers, alarms and fire extinguishers."So, we've also got a sprinkler, it looks like in each room as well as another fire alarm. I'm a heavy sleeper, so hopefully it'll wake me up if anything happens," said Taylor.

The good news- officials say the alarms in building G reach higher decibel levels and wood on the balconies is treated with a fire-resistant material. These are things that make Taylor safer in his new surroundings. "Obviously things like this can happen," said Taylor of the fire. But he says he doubts there will be another blaze in building G. However, he's relieved the University took a few extra steps to keep him -and the 47 other students who will move into Building G this week safe. U.N.O.'s housing manager says the new units also have more efficient heating and air conditioning.