U.S. Marine Behind Bars In Mexico: Mother Rallying Support Nationwide

By: Melina MatthesMMatthes@kptm.comOMAHA (kptm) - Behind bars in Mexico, that's the case for a U.S. Marine. Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi has been held in a Mexican prison for the last 5 months. He was in San Diego receiving treatment for PTSD when he made a wrong turn and ended up on the wrong side of the Mexican/U.S. boarder. He told the guards he made a wrong turn. However, all of his possessions were in his truck. That included three firearms with ammunition. He was arrested and has been detained in a Mexican prison ever since.Now his mother is in Omaha, rallying for support. It's her next step in gaining his freedom. Omaha is the first stop on Jill Tahmooressi's tour. She said the last few months have been torturous. She's spoken with her son, Andrew, over the phone a few times. He describes it as being worse than his two combat tours in Afghanistan. She said, however, the most frightening call came at night "I still remember it as the most frightening time. When he called that night and he literally said 'mom I'm not going to make it through the night.' I remember it like it was a second ago. He said 'mom I'm not going to make it through the night. Whatever you do, don't come down here to investigate or ask questions because you'll be killed as well.' That was the most horrifying phone call of my life."He has been threatened by inmates, stripped and beaten by guards, denied water and chained to his cot for weeks at a time. Marine Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi has spent the last 5 months behind bars in a Mexican prison. "This has really tested my faith to a limit that I have never experienced nor ever imagined."Now his mother Jill is rallying in Omaha for his freedom. She's starting her Midwestern tour with a motorcade of Marines, speaking at Memorial Park, asking the public to show support for her 25-year-old son. She said seeing how much people care for him brings her to tears. "I'm just humbly grateful. I mean God has showed me that the world really isn't that big, it's small and that I'm a member of a big family and there are a lot of patriots in America, there are a lot of people that support our veterans."She said he hasn't seen daylight in 5 months. He's been held in solitary confinement, but she said there is one blessing; he's able to make collect calls to home occasionally."I'll spend a portion of the day reading prayers that were written for him on our Facebook page and reading letters and cards that he's received to help inspire him and know that he's not abandoned, that the American public is rallying."And now she said she can tell him just how much the people living in the Midwest really care.On Saturday, they plan to ride to freedom rock in Iowa and back. Everyone is encouraged to join whether on motorcycle or by car. To donate or learn more about Andrew and his case visit or text "free Andrew" to 313131 on your mobile device."Like" Melina on Facebook and follow her on Twitter to stay connected.