Vasectomies On the Rise During March Basketball

Curt Casper

OMAHA (KPTM) - Men are always looking for an excuse to stayhome and watch television and with the start of the NCAA basketball tournament,there might be a great excuse. Some men are now taking extreme measures to stayhome and it involves a little snip.

Bob Zielinski loves watching the basketball tournament. Forthe last couple of years he and his work buddies take vacation days to sit atDJ Dugout on 114th and Dodge to watch some hoops. Nothing is goingto stand his way, including being faking being sick.

Zielinski is not alone. Many at DJ Dugout on Thursday tellFox 42 News for the next two days they either took a vacation or faked beingsick. Most asked us not to show them on camera for fear of their bosses.

But other men are taking a more permanent solution tomissing work, getting the snip.

"You take the day off work you get a free bag of peas soundslike a good deal and you get to sit and watch basketball for a few days, soundslike a good deal," Zielinski said.

Dr. Bruce Lundak of Adult Pediatric Urology andUrogynecology has been giving vasectomies for the last 13 years and he hasnoticed more men come to his office during the March tournament.

"With some of my patients I will say you have to sit andwatch basketball for the next two or three days some of them want me to write anote for their wife and I can do that for them," Dr. Lundak said.

And Zillions knows nothing beats good basketball.

"You would probably recover at home with the vasectomy, youwould be a real trooper if you came to the sports bar after the vasectomy thatwould be a true basketball fan," he said.

Many Urologists are encouraging more vasectomies duringthe basketball tournament.