Violent Weekend: Omaha Police Investigate 4 Shootings, One Deadly

OMAHA (KPTM) - A new wave of violence is crashing down on north Omaha. Just this weekend, one person was killed, five more hurt in four different shootings. The community wants answers. Now, the families are begging for someone to come forward and police officers are searching for their next arrest. The victim's mother said she's praying for her son's killer.It all started four blocks north of 37th and Bedford Avenue. Police said a car was shot at multiple times. It later crashed into a cement barrier. When officers arrived they found three people had been shot. One of them later died at the hospital.Family and friends gather together to remember a loved one shot and killed on the streets of north Omaha. Standing in the place where police found him, they lay flowers in his memory. His daughter clings to the past while dozens pray and cry for the loss of 21-year-old LaDontae Daugherty. His mother said when she found out he was gone; she didn't want to believe it. "My heart stopped. My heart literally stopped. There is no other feeling like when someone tells you that your child has died. I have two kids, a boy and a girl, and my only son is gone. I would never be able to talk to him, text him, speak to him again because of somebodies stupidity," Detra Daugherty said.Nearly 24 hours later, police said a large group was hanging out in Orchard Park. An argument took place, someone pulled a gun and a 23-year-old was shot, but police said this was just the beginning of a violent weekend.On the siding of a house near 44th and Redman Avenue, you can see several bullet holes where a man was shot inside his own home. Police said the call came in several hours after the shooting at the park.About a half an hour later, officers found a man shot inside a house near 40th and Pinkney. Investigators believe all of the cases are related."I just want justice to be served and this violence in Omaha is too much, it's too much. I'm sitting on this side of the table now. I'd seen people go throw this all year long and now I'm sitting at the side of the table."Even in her grief, Detra Daugherty said she's found the strength to forgive her son's killer. In fact she said she's even praying for them."That comes from God. That comes from God. I can't hurt. That person was probably a child just like my child. I forgive him; I forgive whoever did that to my child I have to forgive them because I don't want to live with that inside of me.His mother is begging for answers, she asks anyone with information to come forward. Crime Stoppers is also offering a $25,000 cash reward. At this time, police said they have arrested one person they believe is responsible for one of the shootings. They're still asking for help in LaDontae Daugherty's case as well as two others. If anyone has any tips that could solve these shootings, contact the Omaha Police Department Homicide Unit at 444-5656. If you need to remain anonymous, contact Crime Stoppers at 444-STOP.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------One man was killed and 5 more injured in four different shootings in Omaha between early Saturday morning and early Sunday morning.Police say LaDontae Daugherty was killed and two other people with him were also shot early Saturday morning in a car near 37th and Pratt Street.The violence continued overnight Saturday into early Sunday morning. Three people went to the hospital in three different incidents.The first happened about 8 p.m. Saturday night near 65th and Hartman.Police officers were also called to two different shootings within 2 miles of each other between 2 a.m. and 2:30 a.m.