Volunteer Fire Departments Could Use Support

Paul Gutierrez

LOUISVILLE (KPTM) - Three years after a fire gutted a hardware store on Main Street and people still remember it like it was yesterday. It was an experience that's keeping Fire Chief Jason McClun on his toes.

"It's hard to imagine something like that happening in your community," said McClun. "You always think it's going to happen somewhere else."

As Cass County and districts nearby continue to grow, volunteer fire departments are now thinking ahead. Donations coming in are helping to keep valuable resources up to date, but an extra hand is always needed.

"We use that money for new defibrillators, new air way equipment, new monitors and so on and so forth."

If you'd like to offer your help, you can donate directly to your local fire house, attend fundraisers and even leave behind a donation in your will. They're the kinds of gifts McClun says are appreciated as fire departments prepare for that next major fire.

"The more tools we have for the job the better."

Smaller departments can also use more manpower. For information about how to get involved, you're urged to check in with your volunteer fire house.