Volunteers Use MLK Holiday To Spread Awareness About Fire Safety

Franque Thompson

OMAHA (KPTM)- More than one hundred volunteers battled the cold weather Sunday to spread the word about fire prevention. Hope World Wide volunteers partnered with the Omaha Fire Department to hand out flyers to residents who live in high risk of fire neighborhoods.

"Household fires cause a lot of deaths in the united states. So we're just trying to help people who may not have not have the information available to them," said Hope World Wide volunteer Kim Joedeman.

Being that Martin Luther King Jr. day is a day of service, volunteers use the holiday weekend as an opportunity to get the word out.

"He said education was power. And so we feel like if we educate people on ways that they can keep and protect their family, keep them safe, we then can make a difference," said Hope World Wide volunteer Colleen Ladwig.

A difference these homes in north Omaha could use. That's because homes in the area run a higher risk of catching fire.

"These houses need some updates and they're a little older and that possibly they might need some extra prevention," said Hope World Wide Volunteer Josh Mason.

The fliers that were handed out have quite a bit of information on them. One of the tips includes making an escape plan with two exits out of every room.

"Having a working smoke detector in your home will more than double your chances of surviving in case there is a fire," said Hope World Wide Volunteer Jeff Bargmann.

The Omaha Fire Department is giving away free smoke detectors for those who don't have one. Call the fire department at 402-444-3560.