Walmart To Offer Pre-Owned Video Games; Local Shops On Edge

Franque Thompson

OMAHA (KPTM)- The used video game market has grown to a $2 billion industry and the world's largest retailer is looking to get a cut.

Walmart announced 3,100 stores will be buying used video games for store credit.

The new move has smaller game shop owners on edge.

"It's always good to keep an eye on the competition and see exactly what they're doing. you know, see how much they're buying games in at and also how much they're selling games so you can know price match yourself," said Game Repair Shop owner, David Mitchell.

Mitchell said his Omaha store's sole focus is having pre-owned merchandise in stock because that is where all the money is.

"The whole market is down to just used games. So we just try to just deal with buying a lot a used games and selling a lot of used games," he said.

Mitchell only has two brand new games in his entire store. Everything else in stock used. Mitchell said that's because people just aren't buying new games anymore.

"Well, if I want to get a brand new game I'll just download it onto my hard drive. Or you know, hey I want to save 20-30 bucks I'll just go get the game used," said Mitchell.

Walmart said about 42.5 percent of the people in the United States are gamers--one reason why the mega store wanted to cash in on the multi-billion dollar industry. However, this could mean other game retailers could go out of business.

Mitchell said he's not worried about the competition--loyal customers from across the metro keep him busy.

"Keeping that extra edge is something that's going to going to keep our business alive. Especially with paying more money," he said.

Walmart will start its buyback program March 26. The store credit can be used for any purchase at Walmart and Sam's club.

Mitchell advises gamers to shop around for the best deal on the pre-owned games. He said buyers may get more money back and a better deal on their purchase at a local store.