Watch Out For Scams During Online Holiday Shopping

Franque Thompson

OMAHA (KPTM)- It's always a bonus when you can find a great deal on holiday shopping, But sometimes that deal might be too good to be true. With "Cyber Monday" just a week away, scammers might create a fake sale to steal your money and information.

"We see people taken advantage of year, after year, after year," said Jim Hegarty, president of the Better Business Bureau in Omaha.

Every year the Better Business Bureau puts out an alert to warn shoppers of scammers trying to rip them off.

"As people become more and more comfortable shopping online, buying their products and their services online, the scammers see this as a ripe opportunity to hit people where they have gotten really comfortable," said Hegarty.

He also said people should be careful when sending gifts online.

"They may start to get these bogus emails that look like they're coming from FedEx or like they're coming from UPS saying that there's been a problem with your shipment of gifts. To learn more about how we can expedite the shipment and solve this problem, click on this link," said Hegarty.

Clicking that link gives scammers access to hack into your computer and steal your information.

Hegarty said if you're buying online always look for the ''S' of the 'HTTP' part on the URL browser. That's how you'll know the site is secure when giving your personal and credit card information.

"If it's an obscure firm that you've never heard of or you can't find any information that helps you feel comfortable about doing business with them might be better to avoid that," said Hegarty.

Since the new Play Station 4 sold out of stores in a day, Hegarty believes scammers might use that to their advantage.

"All of a sudden you maybe get a pop-up or you hear about a site that has something that nobody else has and may be they have for less than you would expect to pay, those would all be red flags," said Hegarty.

The BBB suggests people should only shop online with businesses they are familiar with. The BBB also said to be cautious when donating to places claiming to be charities. Hegarty said if you have never heard of the charity, make sure to do some research before making a donation.