Water Main Break Puts Crimp In Businesses

Franque Thompson

OMAHA (KPTM)- Several water main breaks shut down a large portion of Beverly Drive and Dodge Street Wednesday. The Metropolitan Utilities District closed the southbound lane of Beverly Drive and eastbound right lane of Dodge. The blocked roads have taken its toll on surrounding businesses.

"We're one that was hurt the most because we bring in the most business in this plaza," said Panera Bread manager Dao Huynh.

Panera Bread is right in the thick of the construction.

"We haven't had as many customers as we usually do during the morning time," said Huynh of Wednesday's sales.

As a result of the slow morning, Panera management reduced its staff for the day, but that had its affects later on during lunch hours.

"We're like in prime location everyone comes here, we're busy all the time. And with us having to deal with short staff today it was just very exhausting," said Huynh.

Traffic on Beverly Drive was packed but not enough cars were turning into the plaza--putting a crimp in numbers for businesses.

"Our times get compared to other districts and other stores. And it will just show how beat we were today," said Huynh.

By Wednesday evening, MUD reopened the eastbound lane on Dodge Street. Construction will continue on Beverly Drive.