Website Makes Couponing Fast & Easy

Omaha (KPTM) - A website is helping one woman save hundreds of dollars each month on her grocery bill. updates extensive coupon deals each week all over the country.

Extreme couponer, Jen Harris says that it saves here about $200 each month.

"I go every week and check out the ads, and write down all the ads," Harris said. "I have a little bit of a spread sheet I've formulated."

The website even has hyperlinks to coupons that people can print of and use in store.

Harris says she saved $80 when she went grocery shopping Friday morning.

"I got great pricing on meat today, so then I'll take it home break it down and freeze it getting ready for winter," said Harris.

It takes her about two hours to visit all the stores on her list, but she sees it as time well spent.

"I keep track of my all of my receipts and what I would've normally spent I put into a separate account for our vacation fund," Harris said. "It's not paying for the whole trip but it's helping!"