Benefit Planned for Teacher with Incurable Brain Cancer

UPDATE: A benefit will be held for Wendy on Sunday July 21st.There will be a 3 mile fun run/walk at10 a.m. at Creighton Prep. Wendy will announce the start of the race.

There will also be a social inside of the school until 1p.m. There will be refreshments, raffles, games and activities.

There will also be donations stations for her onlinefundraiser at The goal is to raise $20,000 this summer.

Maureen Wurtz

OMAHA (KPTM)- It's a lesson on life elementary school teacher, Wendy Wessling, has learned outside of the classroom.

"I hope that I learn something from this-I hope and pray that I will be able to figure that out," said 46-year-old Wendy Wessling.

Six months ago, Wessling went to the doctor. She found out that she had a form of brain cancer.

"No one should ever have to be told that you have cancer-it's something that you should never have to hear," said Wessling.

"If I hadn't believed in God, the day that I found out I would have jumped off a bridge," said Wessling.

In November, Wessling had radiation and surgery-and the cancer was nowhere to be found.

"Amazing feeling to know that it is gone, but it's scary because they are telling me that it's going to come back," said Wessling.

In April, Wessling had two brain operations in one week. Doctors told her that the cancer will come back again, and said she needed to start looking at her quality of life, not a cure. "I'm scared of what's to come, scared if it's going to hurt, I'm scared of what my family is going to experience and see," said Wessling.

Wessling is scared, but she has something that makes her life a lot easier. "It's no,t to me how can I stay faith filled-but how can I not?"

Wessling said doctors told her she has two years to live. Since then, she's been working on crocheting blankets for her kids-so they could feel her hug-even when she's gone. "

"Thank you for letting me love you-and thank you for letting me love you back," said Wessling.

By her chair sits a scrapbook full of pictures from her students at Hartman Elementary. She said she can't go see them in the classroom, but she can see them in her book at home. "I feel like I've let them down, not being there for them," said Wessling.

She hasn't been in her school since her diagnosis in October, but students have still seen her in the halls. Pictures of Wessling, and some of her favorite quotes are hung throughout the school. Her motto for her classroom this year was, "What defines you is how well you rise after falling."

"Even with cancer, I'm still trying to rise," said Wessling.

Wessling has physical and occupational therapy two times a week. She has to wear a brace on her right leg because it's numb. She also has difficulty balancing and moving her eyes back and forth.

"Last year this time, I was training for a triathlon," said Wessling.

Through all of this, Wessling said she's learned an important lesson that's been taught before, but never stuck with her until now. "Don't take one single day for granted," said Wessling.

Students in her classroom at Hartman elementary call themselves the 'Wessling Warriors.'

Even Wessling's Occupational therapist ran a marathon in her name.

"God pulls on people's heartstrings because He knows I need it," said Wessling.

"You've made my life amazing, thank you for always believing in me," said Wessling.

Wessling said she has one lesson she wants everyone to learn, "Life should be happy.

Walkers are meeting at 6:30 at "Prince of Peace" Baptist Church on 7818 Raven Oaks Drive Monday, May 27th.

Walkers will then proceed towards Wessling's home at 7 P.M.

Donations are being accepted at the walk to help Wessling's family. You can also donate at any 'Bank of the West' under 'Wendy Wessling Fund.'