Woman Finds Trash with Racial Slurs in Yard

Melina Matthes

OMAHA (KPTM) - A West Omaha family is the target of a hate crime. They came home Monday night to trash in their yard. But that's not all; the trash had racial slurs written all over it.

"This is 2012, it's Christmas season it's time of caring and of hope and giving not of slander and threats and hate," Tina Peters says.

An empty pop bottle with the wrapper peeled off. Words of hate scratched upon it. Peters says she knows the message was meant for her family. Her daughter's two children are biracial. "As far as I know my neighbors aren't black or have interracial children, ya know not within a block or two area at least, so I'm pretty sure the intent was for my house and my yard ya know it was meant towards my family," Peters says.

She says the trash was littered all across the front lawn. When she picked up the pop bottle and read the message - she was shocked. "Well I just thought it was garbage, like I said, until I went to throw it away and then it was just utter shock, like I said, I was just floored cause I really thought we had a really nice neighborhood," Peters says.

And this isn't the first time they've been targeted, "the night before we put the garbage cans out by the street, we left to go out for supper. We came home and someone had taken one of our garbage cans and moved it like up the street and I'm like that was odd," Peters says.

She says it's been this way since July. A few weeks after they moved in, someone egged their house. "It just really hurts, it's scary ya know what do you do."

For now she says they'll be extra cautious. And hopes the person responsible is caught soon and taught a life lesson. "An apology would be nice, ya know, some kind of reaction whether it's probation or some kind of community service or do something to make them realize that we're not all bad people, ya know, just cause we have a different

If you have any information regarding this crime, police urge you to call them at 444-stop.