Westlake Ace Hardware Offers Storm Safety Tips

Paul Gutierrez

OMAHA (KPTM) - The last minute rush is on for shoppers getting ready to go to battle with Mother Nature.

"As we get closer to the storm, we're seeing an increase in business," said floor manager Dave Casterline at Westlake Ace Hardware.

At the store near 84th and Center, snow supplies and winter weather equipment are flying off the shelves.

"I'm getting some gloves and some ice melt," said shopper Bob Scigo.

If we do get a lot of snow on Thursday, hardware workers also recommend that shoppers invest in other items like a snow blower, scoop shovel and rock salt.

The salt will help melt that pesky ice away from walkways and driveways. We're told it usually sells for $10 to $25 a piece at most grocery stores.

Hardware workers also recommend that you fill up your fuel tank in both your car and snow blower if you have them.