Who is looking out for EMT'S and Firefighters While on the Job?

Bill Steckis

PAPILLION (KPTM)- Firefighters across the country take an oath to serve and protect. But they are on the job, who is protecting them?

"We have to think more about that now than ever before," Said Lieutenant Josh Neville of the Papillion Fire Department in the wake of Monday's ambulance shooting in Omaha that left an Omaha Emergency Medical Technician in a hospital. He was later released after being grazed by a bullet fired by his female patient inside an ambulance.

"We are constantly looking for weapons. Looking for demeanors, attitudes that might not seem right," said Papillion Fire Captain Brad Euans.

Safety is always first on the minds of firefighters but they also think about what could go wrong.

"Things are not always going to be what you are dispatched to, but just be aware of your surroundings," said Josh Neville of the Papillion Fire Department.

Neville, along with the rest of the Papillion squad takes six training courses every year to stay on top of dangerous trends.

We try to train for every scenario, but you can't train for everything you could be presented with," said Neville. But when it comes to an armed patient-

"To get on scene and try to help them and then to find out they want to harm us . It's hard to get into the mindset that we have to defend ourselves, but it's something that we keep in the back of our minds all the time," added Neville.

This year Papillion Firefighters have added another training course specifically for self defense while treating unruly patients.