Williams Gets Life in Prison for Killing Step Daughter

Nicole Ebat

PAPILLON, NEB.(KPTM)-- The man convicted of shooting and killing his stepdaughter last April will spend the rest of his life behind bars.

A Sarpy County judge handed Michael Williams the life sentence Monday morning.

Williams plead guilty to first-degree murder last year for shooting and killing his 22-year-old stepdaughter, Michala Pomfret.

A life sentence was the only punishment the judge had the option of ordering.

Dozens of friends and family members packed the courtroom with a simple message they wish she could hear.

"We all just want to say that we miss her and we're lucky to have the support, she was a great girl," said her brother Zach Pomfret.

Williams shot Michala on the front porch of her Bellevue home last April.

"From what I heard they were having a conversation, she was pleading for her life and he looked her straight and shot her," said Pomfret.

Williams took off and search crews spent hours looking for him.

Police eventually found him blocks away in his apartment. He was unconscious.

He's been in jail since he was let out of the hospital.

Since then, officials say he's tried to commit suicide twice by overdosing on various drugs, including Tylenol.

He was declared competent to stand trial before he plead guilty.

"There really isn't any good side to this at all," said James Martin Davis, Williams' defense attorney. "The fact that you have some lovely lady killed and my client doesn't even understand why he did it."

Williams did tell the judge he was 'remorseful' and 'sorry' for his 'actions' in what he called a 'tragic event', but that he couldn't remember the shooting at all.

Family and friends in the courtroom scoffed at that.

"That really pisses me off," said James Raymond, Michala's older brother. "It shows that he has no remorse for what he did to my sister."

Even with their anger, the sentencing means some peace for the family and the chance to keep Michala's memory alive.

"We just love her so much. This has been focused on him for so long, but this is her day and she finally gets her peace and her rest, which she deserves," said Raymond.