Woman Abducted In West Omaha

OMAHA (kptm) - A woman was abducted from a busy shopping center in West Omaha last night. And she was able to tell police where she was by using code words over the phone.

She was in the Walmart parking lot off 120th and L waiting for her husband to come out of the store. At the time she was distracted, putting on makeup and didn't notice a man walk up to her car. That's when he got in and demanded her to drive.

"He was so distraught I didn't really understand what he was talking about, he wanted to go to a bar, he wanted to be taken somewhere and when he first got in the car I thought, this is some drunk college kid, not a big deal, if he wants to be taken to the bar, I'll drop him off no harm no foul, nobody has to get hurt," Ricki Brison says.

He then made sexual advances towards her and asked several times to go to a hotel she realized then she was in danger but she never knew if he had a weapon. "He just spent a lot of time leaning back in my car with his hands in his pants," Brison says.

She drove him just down the street to Buffalo Wings and Rings where she tried to signal to an employee that she was in danger, but it didn't work. "After that he got back into the car and we proceeded to drive around town," Brison says.

Many wonder why she didn't just drive off when he was out of the car. "I honestly was thinking if he was having a psychotic break or he wasn't in the right state of mind, if I left and I was his prize somebody could have got hurt, If he had a weapon on him or a gun, there was other pedestrians around, the servers inside that building had no idea what was going on and if I would have left the scene and he got angry about it, I couldn't live with myself knowing that somebody got hurt because I left," Brison says.

So instead she tried to get someone's attention. "I ran a bunch of red lights, I'm all over the traffic cams in Omaha, I was speeding really bad. I was going 60 in a 35, I was doing everything I possibly could to try and get pulled over, just to try and get some help. When we were on our way to Offutt Air Force Base my main goal was to run into Offutt," she says.

Police say she did the right thing trying to get someone's attention as it often leads to someone calling in with critical information. But no one noticed her attempts and it wasn't until her husband called that anyone knew where she was. "My husband understood what was going on by the words that I was using, he understood the urgency in my voice," Brison says.

Officers surrounded the vehicle at the Holiday Inn Express in Bellevue and arrested 25-year-old Adrian Ross. Brison says she's alive because of the coded message she told her husband. "If it really wasn't for him, I probably wouldn't have gotten out of the situation the way that I did," Brison says.

Police say Adrian Ross was arrested for false imprisonment. According to court records he does have several other previous convictions including robbery, criminal impersonation, trespassing and various drug convictions.