Woman Caught on Camera Using Murder Victim's Credit Card

OMAHA (KPTM)- Police havea new lead in the murder of a pre-school teacher who was shot and killed whileleaving a club in December.

Police saida woman was caught on surveillance video using 24-year-old Janee Hadan's creditcard just one hour after she was shot and killed.

The shooting happened outside of Passion Lounge near 108th and L.

Police released the video Friday morning. Within two hours police said the womanturned herself in and was talking to police.

Policeare trying to see how she got Hadan's credit card and if she may have hadsomething to do with her death. She is being considered a person of interest inthe case.

Hadan's family told Fox 42 back in December that they think she got caught inthe crossfire while walking to her car.

Hadan leaves behind a young son.