Woman Arrested for Leaving Dog in Own Feces, Starved.

Meghan McRoberts


Police arrested a woman Monday morning after they say she left her dog in a cage, covered in its own urine and feces.

They say the dog was so emaciated, its bones were protruding from its body.

Officials with the Nebraska Humane Society say 34- year-old Mashaunda Ball called them last week to report that her dog was dead. Instead, officers found the Boston Terrior named "bubbles" laying on its side in a black metal cage. Though it was unresponsive, it was still alive.

The dog was euthanized after its conditioned worsened shortly after taking it to a veterinarian.

Tests showed that the dog also had sharp pieces of plastic in its stomach, and a severe case of urine scalding on its skin from lying in its urine for so long. It also had bloody paws and crusty fur from the feces.

Those that live near Ball near 65th and Manderson say the neighborhood is rather dog friendly and that this comes as a surprise.

Joy Hejl said she hadn't seen the dog out in its yard in a long time. "Makes me thing that the dog, if he's been imprisoned for so long, makes me thing he was pretty whipped," said Hejl.

Hejl said had she known this was happening, she would have called authorities long before Ball did. "The poor animal, they depend on us for everything," said Hejl.

Ball is charged with Felony Animal Cruelty. No word as to when she will be in court.