Thief Caught On Camera Using Credit Card Stolen From Murdered Woman

Franque Thompson

OMAHA (KPTM)- Police have a new lead in the murder of an Omaha preschool teacher. 24-year-old Janee Hadan was gunned down while leaving a local club in December.

Police said 22-year-old Sydni Powe used Hadan's credit card just one hour after she was shot and killed. Police released surveillance video Friday morning. Within two hours, police said Powe turned herself in. Police said they're looking into how Powe got Hadan's credit card and if she may have had something to do with her death.

Even before police sent out the video, social media had snapshots of the video and it was rapidly spreading. Hadan's family says hundreds of people were talking about it and many said they knew who Powe was.

Surveillance video shows Powe at a gas station buying fuel for her car. This occurred just one hour after Hadan was gunned down.

"When I figured out that it really was her, I was like 'Wow, like, how disgusting can you be?' Like, there's no words for it," said Hadan's sister, Makayla Walker.

Walker said what's even more disgusting is Powe sent her a Facebook message the same night her sister was shot.

"Wrote me and said, 'I didn't know your sister, but I seen her that night and told her her outfit was pretty. I send my condolences to your family," said Walker of Powe's message.

Walker said Powe swiped the card 16 different times. What walker said she doesn't understand is how Powe got hold of the credit card, because Powe's message clearly states she does not know Hadan.

"That's the first thing that she said to me in the Facebook message is 'I did not know your sister,'" said Walker.

Walker said Powe told her Hadan gave her the card to use. Powe also posted to social media that Hadan gave her the card.

"Janee wouldn't even let me leave the house with her card. What makes you think she would just give it to a random girl? Janee did not know her," said Walker.

"Obviously she knew that Janee was shot and she was out doing a shopping spree while our friend's sister was laying on the ground," said Hadan's best friend, Rachel Wajda.

Wajda said many people have turned to social media--outraged by Powe's acts. Loved ones said this could be a key piece of evidence to track down Hadan's killer.

"Now this has really put the spotlight back on Janee's case. This has really opened up something to where we're bringing the community back together for Janee," said Walker.

"I'm definitely not going to accuse her that she is the reason that Janee died, but I think that she knows something," said Walker.

After Powe turned herself in police arrested her. She is now charged with using a stolen credit card. As far as who shot Hadan--police said no arrests have been made. The family is asking for your help tracking down the killer. You can call Crimestoppers at 402-444-STOP (7867). You can remain anonymous and there is a cash reward up to one thousand dollars for any info that leads to an arrest.