Woman Files 5th Protection Order to Protect Her From Stalking Ex-Boyfriend

Zach Revense

OMAHA (KPTM)- A woman says she was unable to protect herself from a stalking ex-boyfriend. It took her filing five protection orders and a visit to the courthouse with a reporter to speed up the process.

It is not uncommon to get your case stuck in the legal system.

"It frightened me. And then I hear footsteps around to my bedroom window." That's when Lacyndria Watson saw her ex-boyfriend's shadow through the window. This is on-going stalking she says is one reason her two children cannot live with her.

"You can't get an arrest against him because, no protection order. You can't move out of state because your kids are wards of the state. So I'm stuck, at a stuck point and it feels like nobody is listening."

Watson says she called child protective services in October because her ex-boyfriend had their son for over a month.

Instead of bringing him home to her, they took both children.

Now filing her fifth protection order, she says she hopes this time it won't get dismissed.

"I'm extremely tired. And this stuff is always just so long to fill out."

A counselor says her case is one of many, which is why the process is taking so long. "People that are in positions of helping people that need help, have way more to do than they can do in a reasonable amount of time," Ryan Alansuhr with Lutheran Family Services said.

John Friend is the Clerk of the District Court in Douglas County. He says more than 200 protection orders are filed every month, and the judge only has the writing on the paper to make a decision. "They have to use the affidavit only. They can't conduct an independent investigation."

Her family worries that someone won't take action until it's to late. "We usually hear them from the perspective after an individual is killed," relative Daniel Goodman said.

During Fox 42's visit to Lacyndria's home, her ex called five times. This situation has affected her kids. She says they've witnessed their mom being beaten.

Fox 42 tagged along with her to file her last protection order at the courthouse. Minutes after, she got a call with good news.

"My filed protection order, that we're going to try to get served tomorrow at court. I don't think that no one would have noticed if I wasn't being followed by camera all day."

We did reach out to Watson's ex-boyfriend in court, but he declined to comment.

Watson's goes into effect at the beginning of next week, but she will be in court in March. The If you are experiencing domestic abuse, there are advocates who can help.

The Douglas County's victim assistance division is in the county attorney's office. The number there is 402-444-4597.

The YWCA can also walk you through the resources that are available.