Women Owning More Businesses than Ever, Study Says

OMAHA (KPTM)- Nearly 1,200 women-owned businesses are popping up every day according to a national study.

There are 9.1 million women-owned businesses in the United States, which is the highest number yet, according to 'State of Women-Owned Business Report.'

"I wanted to invent a job where I could do that," said Melissa Stephens, of Cordial Cherry.

Stephens said she wanted to find a job where she could home-school her children and follow her passion. "(I thought) I make these beautiful cordial cherries, I think I'm going to try to open a shop," said Stephens.

Stephen's has owned 'Cordial Cherry' for four years. She's been so successful that she's even been featured on 'Oprah's Favorite Things.'

"There are so many women out there that have aspirations of business ownership, but they're torn because they have their kids and they've got their family," said Stephens.

That's why she decided to help women out, but starting 'Stories Coffeehouse.' It's a coffee shop where women-business owners can share overhead costs and sell their products together.

"Every owner has a story here, how they got here, how their paths crossed to get to this point," said Amber Christ.

Christ also has a story. She was originally an accountant, but quit her job to take care of her mother. While she watched over her mother, she wanted something that would allow her to make money, meet new people, and follow her passion.

"I was able to do that through food," said Christ. Christ runs 'Homemade by Amber,' it's a business where families can pick up ready-to-bake meals.

"It was kind of an easy transition to decide to also run story's coffee house," said Christ.

Christ bought 'Stories' from Stephens at the end of March. Christ said she's happy to continue helping out other women grow their businesses. "It creates such a passion in their hearts," said Christ.

For Stephens, it was a passion that started out as a 'sweet' hobby, which turned into helping dozens of other women succeed.

Stories Coffeehouse features around a dozen different businesses and also has live music every Friday and Saturday night.

Some of the businesses include Homemade By Amber, Junque Shed, Noni's Popcorn, Black Bottom Biscotti, Barie & Co., Tasteful Gift Solutions, L Pastries, and Alotta Brownies Bakery.