Two Industrial Workers Killed in Building Collapse

Update, Thursday: The city inspector released photos from inside thebuilding. Two workers died when the building collapsed near 77th andI. Some photos show the wreckage around the elevator and staircase inside of the building. There was also a fire in the building.

OSHA investigators are interviewing workers to figure outwhich came first, the fire or the collapse.

There were 38 people inside the building at the time, m mostmade it out okay. At least a dozen others were treated for injuries.

The city inspector says the building will likely bedemolished.

Update at 4:00 PM: Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine confirmed that at least two people died in the collapse. Monday evening police said 53-year-old Keith Everett's body had been pulled from the building. Rescue crews are hoping to recover a second body Tuesday. In a news meeting Monday night, Interim Fire Chief Bernard Kanger said that the two bodies were found on the second floor. Crews were able to recover Everetts body, but unable to reach the second due to safety issues. Kanger said that crews will work on recovering the second body on Tuesday and securing the building. Kanger also said that crews have yet to search the entire building, but are hoping no more bodies are trapped inside.

Update at 3:00 PM: Officials with the Omaha Fire Department said 10 of the 38 individuals at the building of the time of the collapse were taken to local hospitals. Interim Fire Chief Bernard Kanger said firefighters believe people died in the collapse and that as many as four bodies could still be in the building. Firefighters haven't been able to evacuate the building yet due to the collapse. Firefighters don't believe there are any survivors in the building. Several people did it make it out uninjured. A total of 50 firefighters responded to the collapse.

OMAHA (KPTM)- At least ten workers at a food processing plant near 76th and I Plaza were injured in an explosion and building collapse Monday morning.

Emergency crews were called to International Nutrition just after 10:00. Omaha Police tweeted a picture of the fire as they got on scene.

Omaha Police said there were 38 workers inside of the building. At least 10 were taken to local hospitals. Police didn't say how many people made it out safely, but that there were some people that were still unaccounted for. A rescue team will search the building.

Witnesses reported seeing dozens of rescue squads. At one point at least a dozen people were trapped. One woman we talked to said her fiance was trapped on the second floor. The families of some of the workers are waiting outside of the building for updates.

Four patients were taken to the Nebraska Medical Center. A 30-year-old man is being released for minor injuries. A 37-year-old man was admitted with a collapsed lung. A 38-year-old man was being checked out for having breathing issues. A 50-year-old man was admitted for hypothermia. A 36-year-old EMS worker was also checked out for a cut on his hand.

Three patients went to Creighton University Medical Center and three to Bergan Mercy Medical Center. One person was in critical condition and two others were transported to St. Elizabeth Regional medical Center in Lincoln. There is a patient in serious condition and another in stable condition at Bergan Mercy.

Some workers are being treated for severe burns. Police have not confirmed any deaths at this point.

Fox 42 has a crew on scene. We will bring you updates as we get them.

International Nutrition is an animal food manufacturer. According to OSHA, a worker died in 2002 after falling into a mixing tank. A report states that the worker was killed by a rotating part. The company was given six serious violations.

In 2011 the company got six more serious violations from OSHA. OSHA categorizes grain handling as a high hazard industry with a high risk of grain explosions.

Written by: Maureen Wurtz; Kristen Whitman; Brian Mattix