Your Morning Buzz Likely to Go Up If Farm Bill Doesn't Pass

Nicole Ebat

Update: Congress has developed a short-term farm bill extension. It would extend the current farm bill for a year. It would keep milk prices from soaring; however, there's no word on if members will have time to vote on the extension before the end of the year.

OMAHA(KPTM)-- For lots of people, the morning cup of joe with a splash of milk or maybe even a full on foamy latte is more than a routine, it's a necessity to get up and get going. But the cost of that 'necessity' could be going way up.

That's because a new farm bill has yet to be passed and lawmakers haven't extended the current bill.

If one isn't passed by January 1, 2013 the price the government pays for milk and other products goes back to a 1949 law that requires the government to buy milk and twice the market price.

One expert told KPTM, that would drive dairy costs up to about $5, but other people have said the cost could go up as high as $9.

For the Fox Hollow Coffee shop on 115th and Blondo, that could mean their prices have to go up too.

"If it stays up that way, we'd have to just go through all the drinks and increase them," said Carol Enke, one of Fox Hollow's owners.

The small coffee shop goes through about 50 gallons of milk a week.

Enke and her partner calculated how much prices might have to go up if milk prices stay escalated: 70 cents for a 12 ounce mocha.

The shop has had to raise prices to cover rising costs in the past, but never by more than a few cents at a time.

"Seventy cents for a small mocha is an extreme amount," said Enke.

She does note that's the worst case scenario, she knows what could happen if prices have to go up.

"I think some people would just make coffee at home, I think more and more would, it's hard on everybody," she said.

Saying she's frustrated at politicians is putting it mildly.

"They don't understand how something like this, just how quickly it could ruin a small business," she said.

She said even if milk costs do go up, it'd be a while before latte prices follow. For now, she's just hoping the politicians do their part.