Yutan Family Home Flooded

YUTAN, NE (KPTM)- "We got up for work, opened the door and the water was half way up to our steps," said Louann Dooley.

She woke up to a flooded cabin along the Platte river just east of Yutan.

"We couldn't go anywhere. The water came up to the door of our Trailblazer too," said Dooley.

Though the deep freeze of winter appears to be over, deep concerns for some families over flooding.

"I looked across the river and the ice jam was the same height as I was," said Jeff Barnes whose cabin was damaged while the banks of the river flooded.

"The main thing is what we lost can be replaced. We are thankful that we didn't lose any lives," said Barnes.

County emergency management teams from Colfax, Dodge, Douglas, and Sapry counties all report that damage is minimal and there is no flood dangers. But for the Yutan families, it's not comforting.

"We will have to move to another home. For now we will have to stay with my mother," said Dooley.