Cub Scout Leader Greg Dawes Is April's Jefferson Awards Winner

Cub Scout Leader Greg Dawes Is April's Jefferson Awards Winner

"He's been a great leader."

Cub Scout Orilen Benigno is talking about Greg Dawes, a man you can always find giving a high five or a helping hand to the Cub Scouts he works with.

Dawes said, "It's all about ethics, morals, values, principles, things that really aren't always that prevalent in our society that need to learn leadership skills, to be a better citizen in our community."

13-year-old John Dawes says his dad is one of the best citizens in the Omaha community.

"He's led a lot of people to something that I don't think would exist without him."

Dawes said, "It's just something that happened as a crazy idea of mine."

It's the Mid America Pinewood Derby which Dawes has been organizing for about six years.

"People come from all over the United States to Omaha, Nebraska to race these little cars."

John said, "He brings people from like Alaska, all the way down to Nebraska to race and it's just amazing."

But Dawes says it's not just about racing cars.

"It's really a lot about just coming together as a community and supporting the family."

The event also gives him a chance to teach scouts some life lessons.

Dawes said, "Win or lose, it's something that they've put hard work and effort into, and it's just like life where if you work really hard and do some of the things that are extra special you're probably going to have an extra special kind of a result."

It's just one of the many things nine-year-old Nicolai Smith has learned from Dawes.

Smith said, "He's a really good member of this pack and I thank him."

When presented with the Jefferson Award Dawes said, "I feel like this has been a tremendous blessing and honor to be able to touch so many different people...totally honored. I thank God. I thank the people around me."

Congratulations Greg Dawes for being April's Jefferson Awards Winner!

If you know someone who is doing good in their community nominate them for the Jefferson Awards.

Each month FOX 42 will honor one person that is positively impacting their community and next year one of our winners will win a trip to Washington D.C.

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