December 2016 Jefferson Award winner: Ron Hernandez

Ron Hernandez is our Jefferson Award winner for December 2016.

Ron Hernandez isn't your average Joe.

He served in the army for 25 years, broke his back and leg and suffered a head injury.

However, he says his injuries doesn't slow him down one bit. Instead, they motivate him.

"That's just my calling, to serve the community,” Hernandez said.

That’s why he started a group called Moving Veterans Forward in April of 2011.

He says if no one else will help, he will.

Every week, he moves homeless veterans into their new apartments with his truck.

He also gets donations, like furniture and dishes, and keeps them in a storage.

That way, every veteran will have a fully furnished apartment at no charge.

“I feel that it's something that needs to be done," Hernandez said. "In five and a half years, we've moved 722 veterans."

He says that number will grow in the new year, but he has another plan under his sleeve: he wants to create a hangout spot for veterans.

Hernandez hopes his ideas will inspire others across the nation.

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