Jefferson Award Winner: Buffy Bush

Buffy Bush is our Jefferson Awards Winner for September.

Buffy Bush is our Jefferson Awards Winner for September.

Bush will forever have a place in her heart for her sister, Jamelia Hesseltine, who was shot and killed five years ago.

It was a gut wrenching experience for Bush and now she's doing whatever she can to support anyone has lost a loved one to violent crime.

"I recognize and remember all of the murdered families in our community, so that the families will know that the victims and their loved ones have not been forgotten," Bush said.

Bush started the organization called Families of the Stolen. Her mission is to bring families closer. She does this with events like "Day of Laughter." It's an event with dancing and music.

“If we can take that moment just to rethink things, then maybe our youth can be saved from this plaguing violence we have in our community.”

Her organization is now planning grief camps for children affected by violence. She also wants to start up a scholarship program.

“To actually be awarded for it, it’s very heart touching. It lets me know that I am touching someone in the community.”

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