People rush to get senior lifetime passes before it's too late

People rush to get senior lifetime passes before it's too late

OMAHA,Neb(FOX42KPTM)-A line out the door at one of Omaha National Park Headquarters – that's because Congress is spiking the price on senior lifetime passes to national parks after Sunday.

The increase? From $10 to $80, and the park service says a record number of people rushed in.

Steven Grandinetti was one of many who stood in line waiting to get one.

"We would like to do a little traveling and go to the parks,” he said.

Right now, those passes are $10.

It's been that way since 1994, but after Sunday, that will change.

Park guide Ryan Kephart said, "Congress passed legislation raising the senior lifetime pass from ten dollars to $80, so it would match the price of the standard annual pass.”

The catch is even if you stood in the line, you won't walk out with an actual pass.

"Yesterday, we sold well over 400 passes, and today we've so far sold out all of our remaining $950 passes," Kephart said. "We are now issuing rain checks."

That means people pay today and get that card in the mail – just like Grandinetti.

But he says he's willing to wait because he can't pay that $80.

"When you're on a social security and retirement you have to watch your dollars," Grandinetti said.

You have until Sunday to get those passes for $10.

But remember, you can't get a pass for someone else.

You have to be present to get one of your own.

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