13-year-old dancer's dance bag stolen from CB hotel

13-year-old dancer's dance bag stolen from CB hotel

A 13-year-old Nebraska dancer is now one of the latest people to be hit by a crook.

Trista Hansen has been dancing for in competitions for five years.

But this past weekend, things got shaken up.

"I was loading everything up, and my daughter's competition dance bag had been removed from the back or our suburban,” said Trista’s mother Andrea.

Hansen and her family were staying at the Springhill Suites Hotel in Council Bluffs on Saturday.

They left the bag in the car overnight

"I ran back into the hotel in pretty much disbelief. I couldn't even fathom someone would take it," Andrea said.

In that bag was her daughter's clothes, make-up and jewelry

"it's emotional,” Andrea said through tears, “It's important things to us. It has her dance pins on there that she's earned the last 4 years"

That stuff cost close to $1,500-$2,000.

Andrea said, "She loves to dance, this is what she has done, her passion, pretty heartbroken.”

Fortunately for her and her daughter Trista, the dance group they're a part of made a kit for them and it's helping them with clothes.

“I'm blessed,” Andrea said, “I have people out there looking out for me and my daughter."

FOX 42 asked the hotel for a copy of the surveillance footage it has in an effort to ask viewers to help identify the crook.

However, that was request was denied, and the hotel says surveillance footage will only be released to the Council Bluffs Police Department.

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