'420' rally draws medical marijuana supporters with flags and signs

'420' rally draws medical marijuana supporters with flags and signs

OMAHA, Ne (FOX42KPTM) - They were rallying at the corner of 72nd and Dodge Thursday.

It's how some people spent April 20th, a day also known as "420." It's a day used by many to talk about pot.

Organizers say this rally focused on legalizing medical marijuana.

"This plant is a natural herb that comes from the earth. It's time for us to stop this prohibition," said Zach Voiko.

"we're out here because we have a state that refuses to regulate medical marijuana for patients, and we think that's wrong," said Krystal Gabel.

We also spoke to others not at the rally, who have their own opinions.

"Split the THC out of that and use that chemical that actually does the good for the medicinal use, cause now you can't get high on it, and most of those people just want it just to get high," said Officer Tony Foster, who runs the DARE program at the Papillion police department.

"As far as the medicinal side of it, we need the science, we need to be able to see those studies that can definitely determine that this is how it's exactly going to work," said Jennifer Green who works for LiveWise, a group that helps prevent drug abuse.

Organizers say more than 200 people showed up at the rally.

"Marijuana has been around and cultivated for thousands of years by Chinese ancient cultures. so to say there is no research is wrong," said Krystal Gabel.

"Many people are underground users and I feel that it just needs to be a state revenue builder," said Kurt Miller.

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