Nebraska mother's dying wish is to reconnect with long-lost sons

"I'd ask them a lot of questions, mainly how they were treated. I'd want to know." Photo Courtesy: Lisa Cerveny

OSCEOLA, Ne (FOX42KPTM) — Time is running out for a woman trying to reconnect with long-lost family.

She is battling dementia, and now, she wants to find her two sons she put up for adoption 50 years ago.

She believes they are living here in the metro.

"I'm looking for two little boys; they're not little no more," said Connie Cerveny, who spends her days now wondering what happened to the two children she gave up for adoption more than 50 years ago.

She only has one photo of that day, moments after giving them up.

"Just remember how cute they were and adorable," she said. "I had to give them up to raise them."

However, there are no pictures of the boys - just two first names: Michael and Jimmy.

Cerveny currently lives at a nursing home in Stromsburg.

She has dementia, and her health is declining.

"I'd be glad to see them," Cerveny said. "Oh my gosh, I've been waiting for years, just waiting."

Cerveny does have a family now to help her through these tough times, and there is always lots of laughter.

However, she wants to add the laughs of her two boys, and now, her other children are stepping in to help.

"I want her to find them," Susan Stearns said. "Just to give her that peace, you know, that she did what she had to do at the time."

The siblings found out 25 years later when their other sister was dying from cancer.

Since, the questions have never stopped.

"Sometimes if I see somebody who resembles mom or grandpa, I think, 'gosh, can that be them?'"

The family hopes Cerveny's wish will be granted before all of her memories are gone.

"I'd ask them a lot of questions, mainly how they were treated. I'd want to know."

The men would now be 60 and 62 years old.

Their names are Michael and Jimmy, but they could have been changed.

Anyone with information is urged to email our newsroom at

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